Sebago Lake (at Harriman State Park)

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Off Seven Lakes Drive
10970 Harriman State Park , NJ 41° 11' 15.4824" N, 74° 4' 58.3824" W

Sebago is the largest lake in Harriman, bigger than Lake Tiorati by less than 20 acres, however is fairly devoid of islands, unlike Tiorati. There is a swimming dock in the middle of the lake and it's fairly long to get to the public beach. The beach is a nice place to take out for a lunch break or so when the beach isn't open. Triathlons are also sometimes held here in the summer from the beach area.

Nice lake if you want to practice for a race as the lake is fairly long from the launch to the beach so you could do some nice laps.

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Season is from April 1st-Nov 30th from 5am to 10pm. Key is not needed for this launch area but a $20 seasonal permit is required from the Park Rangers at Tiorati Circle (another 3 miles or so from the boat launch, CHECK their HOURS, they are open at 9am on Saturdays at least.

NOTE ! ! ***You must have your boat and PFD with you when you get a permit***

Launch area is moderately steep, small and there is a rusty iron "lip" at the edge of the water and ramp so be careful. .

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  • 287 North into New York State.
  • Continue North on NYS Thruway North (I87) to Exit 15A (NY 17 North and NY 59).
  • Make LEFT at the traffic light.
  • Go a couple miles until you see Seven Lakes Drive and make the right at the traffic light onto Seven Lakes Drive.
  • Proceed about 3.5 miles. You will see the lake on the left, then the Sebago Cabins and then a small sign for the boat launch.
  • NOTE: If you see the road for Baker Camp (far side of the lake) or if you see Lake Welsh Drive on the right, or if you see the public Sebago Beach, you have gone too far.
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Parking is enough for a dozen or more cars, but you are generally sharing the lot with hikers who will park there when Reeves Meadow overflows. The ACA launch is an alternate launch site but you have to be an ACA member.
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Just went here today and wanted to give a little info on some things that I found out. Firstly the seasonal pass is $30 now... the key is an additional $15 for the locked lakes. When they issue you a pass they want you to stick it right on your boat. For those of us who like to paddle a fleet of boats this presents a challenge as once the sticker is on, it doesn't come off. Luckily they don't register your boat by anything other then "kayak" so bring a little duct tape and stick it to the boat for the time being. They are pretty strict in their information sheet they give you about not getting out of the boat for any reason, be it on random shorelines or islands. In fact there is a policy about remaining a certain number of feet from shorelines anyways. Oh and no rolling... odd!

Lake Sebago beach is closed however you can still use the boat launch so the public beach that is referred to in this block of info is incorrect. Also not sure of the swimming dock as all of the ones I saw were labeled as private.